Monday, October 31, 2011

The Monarch Invasion

After the longest, hottest, burnt to a crisp, dry summer in history, I was shocked that we had the largest influx of Monarch migration that I've seen since being at the ranch.  It seems every other form of wildlife has suffered greatly because of the drought, but the Monarch swarm was bigger than ever!  

The kids loved walking through the trees, surrounded by butterflies.  We have them every year, but not in the abundance we've seen this year.  I know they're just moving through, but they brought us a little hope that not all is lost in this parched land.

My own little butterflies enjoyed climbing the trees to try and touch  the monarchs.


Purposely at Home said...

how fun! butterflies are some of the coolest creations made by God. love the pics. :)

Rachel said...

I know! It was SO cool. The boys loved them!
I never got a picture of any though. But it was cool!

Caneel said...

What sweet photos of them trying to touch the butterflies! Thanks for sharing your monarch photos!