Monday, March 29, 2010

Help, I've got sand in my lipgloss

It has been a crazy month.  We spent our 'spring break' dealing with all kinds of drama.  Unlike most people, we didn't go on vacation, it was more like a 'I can't teach and go through all of this at the same time' kind of thing.  First we had sewer problems, and then we were out of electricity for days (not fun with a house full of kids - I don't care what 'off the grid' folks say) and then my husband was hurt in a horse accident that left him laid up for a couple of days.  And if you've ever had an active husband trapped in his house for a couple of days then you know how pleasant that can be.

But things are finally getting back to normal and spring is almost here.  The wind has arrived and held us hostage for weeks, which is nothing unusual for this part of the world.  Instead of spring, my kids call this the 'windy season' which goes along with the other seasons - hunting season, winter and summer.  Its not unusual for the wind to blow 50 miles an hour and this year it's torn off our screen doors, blown off our metal chimney and torn up our gas grill.  The dirt fills the air like a black cloud.  It's never a good idea to wear lipgloss in March or April.

I'm hoping it will cease for a few days so I can get the garden planted.  The kids are a big help with the garden and this year the baby will take part as well.   I have so much to do in the way of landscaping and gardening, it seems overwhelming.  And hopefully I can start teaching outside soon so the kids will get their Charlotte Mason daily recommended dose of nature.  Speaking of nature, we are surrounded by babies.  There are calves everywhere and they are so fun to watch.  Now if it would just rain so our grass would turn green.