Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trip down the river road

For Columbus day, my husband decided to take a day off and go on a road trip. Huge! So we piled in the Ford flatbed and overloaded on sugary drinks and processed food and away we went down to Presidio for lunch and then followed the river road (that river being the Rio Grande) down to Lajitas and Terilingua and then back up through Alpine.

Presidio was the same as it's been for hundreds of years - hot. We had a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant - not unusual for the Mexican border. The ride from Presidio to Terlingua takes along time, but it's even longer when you have three small children, three car seats, diaper bag, camera bag and snacks crammed into a truck with a not so great air conditioner.

We enjoyed the scenery from Presidio to Lajitas. It's a great time of year down here, not too hot or cold. The mountains are beautiful along the river and I wish now I'd taken more pictures. Here are some...

Friday, October 1, 2010

In the pens with a camera

Recently, we worked cattle and shipped calves.  Let me clarify this by saying I did not work cattle - I cooked.  Contrary to popular belief, most ranches don't use chuckwagons anymore.  Most ranches don't have cattle drives, stay out for days on end, or have their cowboys sleep under the stars and sing to each other.  Some larger ranches do, but for the most part, small family owned ranches like my husband's family's ranch just hire guys for a day or two during the fall or spring. 

I have a lot of girlfriends that that make great hands and are better help than alot of men, but I am not one of them.  It's very hard work and I would get in the way or get somebody hurt.  I am not a very good cowgirl.  I am just fine with my role as the event caterer and my husband loves to have real food for the men to eat and not just burritos served on the tailgate of the truck

The guys are used to me hanging around with my camera.  I'm no Bob Moorehouse, but I enjoy trying to capture our life in a sincere, moving way. 

My son is old enough now to start helping his Dad on horseback.  He's so excited!  It's wonderful to see him follow in his father's footsteps, and his grandfather's, and great and great great grandfather's.  That doesn't mean he's off the hook for med school, but I hope he is proud of the ranching tradition.  My mother in law's family has been on this land almost 130 years.

Next year, it will be my oldest daughter's turn to help.  I'm not sure how much help she will be unless we buy her a pink horse and let her wear her tiara, but at least she can try.  One of the many things I love about my husband is how involved he is with his children.  He spends every free moment with one of his children and he takes the girls with him as much as he does his son.  But that day the girls were purely spectators.