Saturday, August 13, 2011

RANCH KIDS ON A MISSION Junior Ranger Day - Ft. Davis National Historic Site

Here we are back at the fort again and this time we're here for Junior Ranger Day and we've brought along a friend.  We're so excited to be back after having so much fun a the fort's Frontier Christmas.  The first thing we did is sign in and they even gave us bandanas to wear!

We were given an introduction to the Fort and then they showed us the barricks where the enlisted men lived.  The men slept in cots with wool blankets.  They played games in their spare time and cleaned their weapons.

One of the brave Buffalo Soldiers explaining the interesting history of the Buffalo Soldiers at Ft. Davis
the names of the enlisted men still hang on their beds
The card table where the men played cards
Then we split in to two groups and the girls went one way and the boys went the other.  Girls went to the beautiful cotton wood trees and made handmade dolls, learned songs and made other crafts.
The staff were very nice to help me make my doll.  They have alot of pretty fabric to choose from.
Look at the pretty doll my friend made

The boys learned how to hold their rifles, shoot the canon and build a tent to sleep in.

Later on, the girls also got to learn how to hold and shoot weapons. 

Then everyone was taken to the kitchen and the nice ladies showed us how they made homemade ice cream by kicking around a can with milk and cream in it.  Afterwards, we even got to eat the ice cream!

As usual, we loved our time at Fort Davis!  The people that work there are so nice and helpful and we learn so many interesting things!  It makes us appreciate how easy it is for us to live here now thanks to the sacrifices the early settlers made at the fort.