Friday, February 11, 2011

Ten Days of Charlotte Mason with

I sometimes have a hard time explaining our homeschooling method, the Charlotte Mason philosophy, to people who are interested in how we teach our children.  I say it's a philosophy because it's not a curriculum but a way of life. 

Cindy, at is hosting Ten Days of Charlotte Mason, sponsored by Heart of the Matter's blog hop.  She is doing a wonderful job of explaining the intricacies of the Charlotte Mason method and explaining key points of the method such as narration, living books, copy work, artists and composers and nature study.  So if you can, join us for a great discussion!


Merri Ann said...

Now that we are in California, I'm getting a lot more interested in home schooling ... the school system here is really awful.

Thanks for the nice comment at my blog ... have you thought about adding an email address to your blog? When I tried to reply to the comment you left on my blog I got a "no-reply comment" notice from blogger.

Hope you enjoyed all the snow ...

westoftexas said...

Thanks Merri Ann. I didn't know I had that option. I'll do that!