Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nature Study - February

Our nature study this month will feature bird's nests. Yesterday the kids and I drove around the ranch to find what little we could in the way of trees that might hold various desert birds' nests. We found many cactus wren nests, which are built in the choya cactus. What we lack in trees, we make up for in cactus and that is why our main focus this week will be the cactus wren. Then we will study the ever present Roadrunner and the glorious Red Tailed Hawk.

A conspicuous sight and sound of the Southwestern deserts, the Cactus Wren is the largest wren in North America. Although it can be found in urban backyards, it is a true bird of the desert and can survive without freestanding water. - www.allaboutbirds.org


Karin Katherine said...

That is very cool. We are also getting ready to study bird's nests. Are you interested in sharing pics with each other and homeschool experiences? Sort of like a virtual co-op? What we lack in Cactus we make up for with trees! LOL

westoftexas said...

I would LOVE that! I bet you have an enormous array of birds. It would be nice to show the kids some colorful birds instead of the brown/grey variety we have here. But the hawks are beautiful and we do have the random waterfowl that gets lost and has to find refuge in an almost dried up water tank :)