Monday, January 4, 2010

Post Holiday Blues

It seems like I just put up the Christmas tree and now I face the much maligned task of taking it down. Note to self next year - skip the tacky, white trash icicles. I hate to dismantle Christmas because it makes it a reality that the holiday season is over and the long, windy, barren months of January through March begin. It's my most dreaded time of year. Thank goodness I'm homeschooling and I will at least be occupied with teaching. At least that's what I thought until this morning....

Today was our first day back on a schedule after taking it easy for three weeks. I didn't expect it to go too well necessarily, but I was shocked that the kids completely melted down and acted like I had just asked them to clean out a stock tank. It didn't help that I'm recovering from the flu and I have limited patience. I'm convinced that they can smell when you're weak and use it to their advantage. If this is the what I can expect every time we come back from a break than I'll teach year round. Does anyone have a remedy for this?

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Karin Katherine said...

I sure do! Teach year round. That is what we do and it makes it much, much easier. That said, you are still going to hear complaints now and then, but its usually short lived and not the full on melt down you are describing.

Oh, and yes, children do smell fear! I hope you feel better soon.

I'm suffering along with you on taking down the decorations...and I didn't really put much up to begin with that is pretty pathetic.