Friday, January 29, 2010

My Fairy Princess

I think we all have seasons of our children's lives that we can say we've enjoyed the most. I know a lot of women who love being pregnant and some friends of mine love newborns, others loved when their kids were toddlers or when they are older. I can't say I have an absolute favorite time because I've enjoyed every stage of my children's lives, and I didn't even mind the 'terrible two's' because my kids weren't terrible. My son spoiled me rotten until he turned five and then he decided go through the 'terrible fives' after convincing me all those years that he was perfect (he's still perfect but in a different, more rambunctious, mischievous way.)

I can say that I've thoroughly enjoyed my daughter being three. I now think nothing is better in the world than a three year old little girl. Her day starts with boundless energy. She greets everyone with a big smile and joyous good morning and immediately starts talking non stop about all her wonderful plans for the day. I drag myself half dazed from being up all night with a baby to the coffee pot, where Pigeon waits for me firing rapidly with questions. "Can we have a tea party?" "Can I wear my princess costume"? "In the spring will you build me a castle in a Wonderland?" I don't know what a Wonderland requires, but it's a good thing daddy has a MIG welder. After breakfast she is dressed in full princess or Fancy Nancy Regalia, complete with jewels and crowns and a host of baby dolls. I still haven't woken up enough to fathom how I'm going to entertain such energy all day. And she's so good natured to her big brother and baby sister and always includes them in her itinerary for the day.

During the day and in the evening she is always underfoot, asking to help me cook or wash the dishes. "Of course," I say and even though it takes twice as long and it's twice as messy, I let her climb up and sling flour and dish soap around the kitchen. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this isn't her father's favorite stage because she talks non stop and at a very high pitch and he can't watch any TV without her bouncing into the room with some random question. Then she flits away as quickly as she comes in, trailing jewelry and baby dolls as she goes.

As I tuck her in at night she asked dreamily, "can we have a picnic tomorrow and then I can be a princess and you can be the mommy and then we can go to Africa and maybe come home and make cupcakes and have a friend spend the night and then you can buy me a princess talking vanity for my birthday and after that can we....." After she's asleep I sneak into her room and marvel at how something so vibrant can suddenly become so still and serene. And I thank God that he has given me three children so different, so special and so beautiful in their own way. And I pray for more energy.


Karin Katherine said...

What a beautiful post. I think you've described three year old girls perfectly.

Although my four year old daughter is a bit grumpier in the morning!

The baby is all about her tutu and wow, I love all this time and want MORE. How about you?

westoftexas said...

The same. I want more too. I guess we can pine away together.