Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Garden time in the desert

You have to really want to grow your own food to plant a vegetable garden where I live.  In the last three weeks I have begun the process of preparing our garden for planting.  It's taken that long time to dig, till and remove all the rocks from our existing garden spot.  Then we have to haul in more dirt, buy amended soil from the store and dig the rows for the plants.  By the time I've done all this, I've spent more energy and money then it would cost of I'd just bought the vegetables at the store. 

That being said, I will hopefully reap the rewards of our garden when we pick the first tomato and eat our first ear of corn.  Yes, I planted corn again even though it never grows well and I eventually have to rip it all out to make room for other plants.  I am determined to grow my own corn, though because it is so much better out of your own garden.  Another bonus to having a garden is that my kids seem to have a greater appreciation for vegetables and food in general.

So if I can get rid of the cactus, lechigulla, and don't end up being a rock farmer in two weeks I should have the start of a beautiful relationship with food.

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