Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Drama

I feel blessed to be shielded from the things other mothers generally have to worry about like car jackers, pedophiles living in our neighborhood, crack dealers at the playground, bullies in class. However, I do have to worry about unusual things that other mothers never come across; for instance, we have mojave rattlesnakes, bobcats and mountain lions surrounding us on the ranch we live on, not to mention scorpions and black widow spiders. I accept these dangers as they come with the territory of living on a remote ranch and I am constantly aware of my surroundings when my children are with me. I don't have much control over these components of my life, other than to be well armed in case I'm threatened.

But one thing I do have in common with too many families is that my son suffers from a peanut allergy. Needless to say this time of year is nerve wracking for me. Right now it's not so bad because my kids are small and they haven't really caught on to the fact that kids around the country will be trick or treating next Wednesday. I can get away with not participating this year, but next year I'm afraid will be very taxing on my nerves. I can't shoot peanuts.

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